Slow Progression

We are still a long way to Chapter 4

Character Classes

Finally! They could become heroes with specialized powers.

When the teacher invites the students to choose character classes, the students have to do it. They cannot do it ‘later’ or continue with the quest. I learned it the hard way because I gave them the task in the quest to decide who is going to have which role when I invited them to choose the class.

However, it’s discouraging to see that the students only get new powers at pre-set levels. This should be customizable. I don’t have a long time for my students to reach level 13, so they won’t be able to get new powers. Maximum number of crystals is only 4. That means the students should be encouraged to use the crystals as often as possible. I’m going to change the powers to make it more relevant and attractive to use the crystals. There should be the option for them to exchange crystals for GP. They all want new gear and pets, and if they don’t want to use their powers, it would be nice to reward them with something!

Our Chapter 3 is fully unlocked and all features are used in the game.


And they can now play in teams. This will be more interesting when we play some Boss Battles and once they can use their powers to heal each other.

The Classcraft developers could make it more purposeful if they have an option of group assignments.


The Shrine of the Ancients

Kudos cannot be accessed from the app — we lost a lot of time figuring out how they can give Kudos. Those who access Classcraft from Chrome posted Kudos without much instruction. There were some that I returned for improvement.

When I was first editing Random events, I was not able to type in the existing description, just delete. I contacted the support team, who were more eager to resolve the issue than me. They said everything looked functional. A week later it worked normally. I realized the events are not random at all! This is a great power boost to the game master because it gives me even more control over the seemingly induced chaos.

Navigation remark: Would love to be able to toggle the character profiles by clicking on the avatars as they appear in the team picture, and not only by the name list on the side.

The students like doing Classcraft in class but they don’t do any tasks at home.

New Quests waiting to be Played

My main point of introducing it was to give them motivation for homework. Because they haven’t done anything, our class progression is slow. We are barely over the middle on the Chapter 3 progression bar. This is why I made a last minute decision: I will stay in Chapter 3 until the progression bar reaches Chapter 4. I thought 2 weeks would be enough, but the students didn’t complete Quest 2 or the first assignment in Quest 3.

There is one annoying issue with giving the XP for positive behaviors. Although they announced that they “fixed an issue that made it impossible for students to receive Experience Points and Gold Pieces for more than one behavior at a time using Collective Feedback”, I still can’t give points for more than one behavior at the time (to multiple students). The interface goes back to either the dashboard or the profile as soon as I choose one behavior. Perhaps this is different for free accounts, or maybe the change still hasn’t reached my shores of North West Africa.

Kudos Class Wall

What I am looking forward to is the Boss Battles. The students last year enjoyed those the most. The interesting feature I am curious to see how the students will react to is the game based powers. I hope this will make them use their crystals more, and have a greater sense of the teamwork. However, here, too, the Classcraft platform doesn’t allow for adjustments or customization when it comes to the LEVEL when the students get these powers. I hope they will code that in the game with time.

Presented Kudos




English teacher, yoga instructor, massage therapist and much more. Life in Morocco gives fresh perspective on all the weird accumulated experiences.

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Martina Matejas

Martina Matejas

English teacher, yoga instructor, massage therapist and much more. Life in Morocco gives fresh perspective on all the weird accumulated experiences.

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