Introduction: Before we started

Getting ready for the new school year. My definite EdTech winner of last year was Nearpod. The close second — Classcraft. These two were the most powerful — game changing — apps that influenced my whole lesson planning process, and metamorphosed my attitude towards teaching, learning, and students’ journey towards success.

Nearpod #CampEngage is a festival of excellent workshops, engaging presentations and efficient skill upgrade when it comes to your teaching.

The pandemic restrictions are still on, and feeling discouraged from vacationing, I opted for a staycation. I was more nudged towards that decision by the circumstances. Remembering last summer, full of learning and creating, experimenting and productivity, I wanted to reward myself with some free time. Knitting and doing puzzles are my main daily activities! I also create and edit videos for my YouTube channel — it has become a weekly routine by now. My yoga classes are still on, but there’s enough time in a day for some ‘teacher-learning’.

The revolutionary academic year is over. How did it go?

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Martina Matejas

English teacher, yoga instructor, massage therapist and much more. Life in Morocco gives fresh perspective on all the weird accumulated experiences.

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